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TIRON & AYOMARI “her theme song ft. jeremih”.

from “a sucker for pumps” limited edition.

special cassette tapes available april 4th, 2014.

disclaimer: this is the mixed and mastered version of asfp to celebrate its release.  we still value the original version with bj the chicago kid but we were unable to mix the original properly as a result of his accessibility.  instead of giving you a sh*t version of the song among everything else mixed properly, we reached out to jeremih who was more than willing to help us complete and share the vision of what this project is supposed to be, he was also available for the video.

this video is a celebration.


tna x levis x spring ‘14


from the limited edition release of A Sucker For Pumps available on cassette later this month.

Produced by Anderson Paak, TiRon, Ayomari & Tom Kahre

Written by Anderson Paak, TiRon & Ayomari

Guitar - Nozomi Yamaguchi, Tom Kahre

Bass Guitar - Kelsey Gonzalez

Keyboard - Brian Hargrove

Background Vocals - Anderson Paak, TiRon & Ahimsa Stone

Artwork by Mwanel Pierre-Louis


Meticulously Wrapped Aluminum Wire Sculptures by Seung Mo Park

amazing detail.

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the day we had a session with mark ronson & jeff bhasker.

life & times.

"Understand something about your nature. First, you’re underestimating who you are. If you already know that, then you make the assumption that you are worthy of the task of unveiling the truth, so you’ll go into those areas ? with an expectancy of understanding. I’m saying that because many of us think that if you read a certain amount of books, then you’ll be ready. You were born ready. You’re not going to become anything that you’re not. You’re going to become more of what you are. Everything must change. Nothing stays the same. The young become the old"

TiRon & Ayomari [ The Master]

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